Recovery Enterprises Scotland

The Recovery Enterprises Scotland vision is for the support needs of individuals, family and friends and members of the local community looking to engage in, support and sustain recovery from multiple barriers. This will be achieved through providing resources, pathways and opportunities conducive to recovery.

The organisation is seeking a suitable location within East Ayrshire where this will enhance engagement with individuals and partners through providing a supportive and informal community hub environment.

Support can involve: individual engagement where needs are identified within a care plan and liaising with other providers; promoting peer support, offering hope & inspiration; hosting recovery conversations; capacity building & skills development; activity based groups; volunteering opportunities; engagement with education & training providers; & providing transitional support to the community.

The organisation can also provide consultancy support; and proactively support strategic objectives, informing future needs of ways to engage with marginalised groups

Contact us by email or by call 07793241895 for further information.